Vandan Institute For Rehabilitation Research
About Us
Deepak Gupta( Chairman )

When all the materialistic ambitions of a man are satiated, a desire grows within him to do something for those who are needy and need care. This service towards humanity can only justify the cause of his being a human.
My search for proper segment of service zeroed when I came across a mentally retarded child. I found that these children are the most neglected ones by the society whereas much is done for children with other kind of disabilities.

A timely guidance and psychological treatment of such children can do a great job in developing them into individuals who can stand on their own and do not become a burden society. Thus my endeavor started with opening of a Rehabilitation Center for mentally retarded children in the month of June 2003.
My appeal to the parents of mentally retarded children is to take responsibility of this special child of theirs as they would take of a normal child. They must take their children to a rehabilitation center and help them become a self reliant individual. At the same time, my appeal to the society is that they come forward and contribute their share for a noble cause.

G.K. Mehta ( Founder )

When I was blessed with a male child on 3rd Jan.1996, it seemed I was the happiest person. But this happiness was short-lived since I learnt that Vandan is a mentally challenged child. I consulted many doctors across India in a hope to get my son treated but to no avail. I finally realized that special training is the only way in which I can help my child.

Then I met Sandeep sir who works for rehabilitation of mentally challenged children. Vandan showed considerable improvement under him. One day I proposed Sandeep sir for starting a special school for mentally handicapped children where we could help other children like Vandan become self reliant so that they could join the mainstream of the society.
A friend of mine, Mr. Deepak Gupta, who is a businessman and a social worker, agreed for his full support.
And that is how Vandan Institute for Rehabilitation and Research started on 29th May 2003. Today we feel very happy for having started a school for that section of society which can not do even the day to day activity. We are making effort in the direction of making such people self-reliant.

Sandeep Rajak ( Secretary / Director )

Vandan Institute for Rehabilitation and Research was started on 29th May 2003. Today Vandan takes care of 165 special children, who are day scholars and boarders, through 19 special teachers, social worker and caretakers.

These special children suffer from mental retardation and learning disability. Their age ranges from 5 to 30 years. These children are unable to read, write, speak, understand and even unable to perform the day to day activities.
The main objective of Vandan Institute is to make such student self-reliant and to help them join with the mainstream of the society.
To accomplish this task, the institute is training the students through special education, speech therapy, physiotherapy, vocational training, music therapy, Reiki, computer training, and concept training.