Vandan Institute For Rehabilitation Research
Education system :

Special educational assessment and programming is based on functional level grouping. It provides inbuilt periodic evaluation facility for qualitative and quantitative measure of a child’s progress. It also helps in homogeneously grouping and children and provides for promotion of children objectively to next level.
» The items are listed in such a way that they are
» Easy to understand
» Activities necessary for daily living
» Easily observable
» Age appropriate as far as possible
» Ultimately contribute to living competently in the society.
Grouping of students :

Grouping is done based on the ability and chronological age into different levels such as Preprimary, Primary I, Primary II, Secondary, Prevocational I, Prevocational II and care group. The assessment of students is based on ‘ Functional Assessment Checklist for Programming’ designed by ‘Deptt of Special Education’ of ‘ National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Secunderabad’.

Progress Report :

The progress report is designed primarily to report the progress of students both qualitatively in personal, social, academic, occupational, and recreational areas. The promotion of the child to the next class depends on achieving 80% activities in a given level. The progress report is sent to the parents the perusal.