Vandan Institute For Rehabilitation Research
For the overall development of a child, following rehabilitation professionals/ specialists work at Vandan Institute.
» Child Specialist » Speech Therapist
» Physiotherapist » Special Educator
» Psychologist » Behavior Therapist
» Music Therapist » Vocational Trainer
» Sports Trainer & Social Worker » Reiki Specialist

At Vandan Institute for Rehabilitation and Research, we train the mentally challenged student in five distinct areas:
  • Personal area :
    In this we teach students self help skills like brushing, toilet training, buttoning and other day to day activities.
  • Social area :
    We make student aware of societal norms and teach them how to deal with bank, post office, hospital, railway etc.
  • Academic area :
    We teach reading, writing, and arithmetic to student and make them aware of shapes, sizes, weights, colours, fruits, vegetables etc.
  • Vocational area :
    Students are taught pre vocational activities like candle making, diya making, jute work, clay work, envelop making, painting, computer training etc.
  • Recreational area :
    In their leisure time students are made to perform activities like dancing cycling, listening to music, art and craft, video games etc.
A mentally retarded child is unable to perform the daily activities and needs to be trained in them along with the usual training of reading writing and understanding. Hence, learning for a mentally retarded child is a 24-hour process.

A mentally retarded child in hostel gets full attention of caretaker and unlike the day care children, who gets training from 12 to 5, he gets additional opportunity to learn.

At Vandan Institute of Rehabilitationand Research, hostel facility is available for children. Food served in hostel is simple, balanced and nutritious.